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Westfield London, Shepherd's Bush


Fitness First London - Bishopsgate



What is Kangoo Jumps® ?

Kangoo Jumps ultimate vision is to create a new way of life that skilfully combines health, fitness and fun for all.
Our Kangoo Jumps
® classes are a 60-minute intense cardiovascular workout that combine dance moves, running and jumping in a modern studio, all while listening to most recent hits from latino, trance and pop charts. 

What are Kangoo Jumps® rebound shoes?

Kangoo Jumps® rebound shoes are perfect for cross-training activities and provide many additional health and fitness benefits. They are designed for all ages and fitness levels and are very easy to use. They are the results of more than 20 years of studies and product development to make exercise safe and incredibly fun.

How do they work?

The patented spring system (referred to as IPS or Impact Protection System) compresses with each step to absorb the impact of athletic activity that can cause damage to the joints. The end result is a feeling of lightness that can be compared to “walking on air”.

***For more information and details check the official Kangoo Jumps website:


Cristina Dragomir


Hi I'm Cristina and I am a Kangoo Jumps instructor living in London. My ambition is to help others feel good in their skin and have fun doing it!

I've been practicing Kangoo Jumps for the last 8 years, teaching for the last couple of years, and I keep falling in love with it every day. It helped me lose 20 kg in less than a year and ever since it has become a life style. 

Join me to class and give me a chance to show you that you can enjoy it just as much as I do! 


Donna-Marie Patten


Hey I’m Donna, a Power Pro and Dance Kangoo Instructor, as well as a Jumping Fitness instructor, living in London.


I love all things Fitness. I have been a Jumping Fitness instructor for 7 years.


It is amazing to think that I started my Kangoo journey as a client of Cristina’s in 2020 and became an instructor in 2021; so excited to jump alongside her as an Instructor now.


I’m full of positivity and passion, bringing my full self to each class. I promise you fun and laughter whilst delivering a high energy class. Come along for the ride…….



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Getting Here:

      Shepherd's Bush

Central and Overground ⁣⁣
      Wood Lane⁣

Circle and Hammersmith ⁣
      Shepherd's Bush Market ⁣
Circle and Hammersmith ⁣

        White City Bus Station: 31, 49, 148, 207, 237, 260, 607 and C1⁣
        Shepherd's Bush: 72, 94, 95, 220, 272, 283, 295 and N207⁣

Our Address:


Westfield Shopping Centre

2nd Floor
London | W12 7GF


Getting Here:


Circle and District⁣⁣


Central and Northern

      Liverpool Street

Central, District, Circle, Hammersmith, Overground, c2C, Elizabeth 

       Monument Station: 17, 21, 35, 43, 47, 141, 149, 344, 388

       Bank Station: 21, 43, 133, 141

       Liverpool Street Station: 8, 26, 35, 47, 78, 135, 205, 388

Our Address:

Fitness First London - Bishopsgate

47 Bishopsgate



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